GudAnuf CORE Progressive Enhancement Process through the Development Process

There are a number of distinct phases that software development goes through

Initial Phase

During the Initial Phase (which the End user does not see) accomplishes the Following

  • Setting up of the Software Solution which will hold each type of Software Library/Tier
  • Setting up a Local Copies of the Data store (database)

Next the software is designed and various libraries are formed that will allowing Creating, Recalling, Updating and Deleting data from the Data Store and transforming it into useable business objects. These Are known as the CRUD methods.

Presentation Tier

Once these libraries are properly working and ran through automated tests, a Presentation Tier is developed.

The presentation tier displays the Data and allows the user to interact by Listing, Adding, Selecting and Deleting Objects.

Offsite Data Store

In preparation of Presenting the Application to the end user an Offsite Data Store that can be accessed by the end user must be set up

Once the Offsite Data Store is setup the Local Data Store is Duplicated to the Offsite Data Store

The Local application is then tested against the Offsite Data Store

Deployment Channel

When it is determined there is enough content to have the end user review the application the application is made available through the appropriate Deployment Channel.

These Deployment Channels are, for Client Based applications, Click Once where the application is made available through a web link, Windows Setup Installer and to an available Website for Web Based applications.

Click Once Deployment

When using Click Once Deployment the End Users Environment must be configured with the Latest .NET Framework as well as access to the provided Web Link. When the link is accessed the User will be asked to install the application. The Application is then installed in the users Local Machine. Updates are automatically applied as they become available.

Windows Setup Installer

Windows Setup Installer is implemented by providing the User with a setup program that must be Downloaded to the users machine and then clicked and installed. The program can be available to the Local user or ALL users on the Machine. Updates require the user to obtain the new setup program, uninstall the existing program and reinstalling the new program.

Web applications

Web applications are used by the user going to a provided website and interacting with the application.

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