Received from First Class Marketiing - Oct 21 2011
Bill Gerold's expertise, professionalism, patience and availability is exceptional. We would highly recommend him for a company's IT needs.
Project Type:VB.net JQuery AJAX ASP/net MVC

Maintain and Enhance Call Center Site
Received from Ecord - Jul 15 2011
Bill has been extremely easy to work with and very thorough. He has shared many programming patterns and suggestions and done extra work that was in addition to the original project and refused to accept payment for it. We'll certainly be using Bill on many future projects.
Project Type:C# JQuery AJAX Calendar

Implement Calendaring Function for Social Networking Site
Received from Independent Healthcare Initiatives
First, this was for a very complex website that included multiple databases and many complicated directions. Bill completed the project well before expected. The project was completed at a very high programming and competence level - well above what was requested in specification, all at the same quoted price. All while utilizing the latest upto date software versions.
Bill is very flexible in communication methods and timely with responses. Bill included lots of additional capabilities at no extra charge. There were also numerous changes made during the project which were also made at no extra charge. I have worked with many programmers on database projects over the years and I don't think you could find anyone with more technical skill for programming a website with a database.
If Bill has provided you a quote anywhere close to any of the other programmers grab it. He will do the job quickly, efficiently, and properly. Isn't that what we all want.
Project Type:Web Survey Evaluation Site with Database

Site Manager, ASP MVC, VB.NET, jQuery, Survey, Ratings, Data accumulation
Received from Cognitive Therapy Services - Sep 22 2011
Bill is an excellent programmer who's able to communicate technical information in a straight forward, easy to understand fashion to his clients. As an individual he's honest and hard working. I'd recommend him highly.
Project Type:Medical Billing and Scheduling Software

Received from LiveTechnology International Inc.
What a great experience! Bill knew exactly what I wanted and communicated very clearly. He’s an excellent programmer and a pleasure to work with remotely. One of the best working experiences I’ve had. I’d highly recommend him to anyone.
Project Type:WPF Control

WPF, C#, Usercontrol
Received from On the Go Ads - Jun 30 2011
As always GREAT to work with! Completed our project in record time.
Project Type:Web Site Backroom Management

Account Management, Site Manager, ASP MVC, Backroom Management, Scheduling Calculator

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Received from PageUp Web Services, LLC
Bill is very knowledgeable about .Net and writes logical, well thought-out code. He turns around requests very quickly and follows up to make sure things are working correctly. I couldn't have requested a better person to work with. I'm sure more work will be sent his way!
Project Type:Web Services - Image Uploading

Web Services, Data Management, ASP.NET, Image Uploader
Received from Car Center
Easy to communicate, always answers his phone and always on top of the project. Thanks for your excellent work!
Project Type:Bulk Picture Upload

File Upload, Web Page Integeration with Legacy Application, ASP.NET
Received from Bill O
Bill overdelivered on my requirements again including making changes that made the database programme more useable wont hesitate to use his services in the future
Project Type: Data Miner
WPF, MVVM, Excel
Received from IT-PMA
Again Bill comes to the rescue. IE 9 introduced a little incompatibility bug in our web site. Bill fixed it immediately. He is totally responsive -- so much so that I have to work hard at not taking advantage of it.
Project Type:Web Site Trouble Shooting
Awesome work as usual does what is required and extra without fuss and with excellent communication
Project Type:Old Mine Locations Web Download Database

WPF, MVVM, Click Once Deployment, Excel Reader, File Importer, Dydnamic Data Queries

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Received from Jonathan
Bill is a great guy to deal with and I have full confidence that he'll create a great custom designed software product for my Medical Clinic.
Project Type:Medical Billing and Scheduling Software
Received from John O
Bill has a very high technical skill. Because of his high skill level and how well he programmed my data base driven web site he now continues to support additional changes and improvements to my project in a very effective and timely manner. His responsiveness has been remarkable, better than anyone I have ever worked with.
Project Type:Web Survey Evaluation Site with Database
ASP MVC,jQuery
Received from Bill L
As always my expectations are exceeded. Bill is extremely compentent and willing to respond to changes quickly.
Project Type: Drag And Drop Image Ordering

Site Manager, jQuery, ASP MVC, DragandDrop
We feel lucky awarding my project to GudANuf. We could not ask for a more competent, cooperative, technically proficient individual. It was a pleasure working with Them. They are extremely helpful in fulfillling the requirements of the project. in addition, Bill is a perfect gentleman. I will recommend him to all my associates.
Project Type:Website Retirement Calculator

ASP MVC, Site Manager, Questionaire, Scoring, Planning

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