Operations Centralizer©

Our Operations Centralizer(c) software was developed to help construction companies increase estimating speed, productivity and improve estimate accuracy.

Operations Manager Software is an excellent management tool that has been developed from scratch. The process involved working directly with customers in the industry, examining their most common working processes and best practices and then incorporating these factors into the actual software. The software automates all processes related to Home Renovations such as Proposal Tracking, Job Cost Analysis, Material Checklist, Punch list Management, Job Scheduling, and post Completions (Warranty Issues, trailing docs, insuring and file room documentation). It also automates accounting (payment tracking, and commissions), and quality control.

The software has different settings that can be used to customize different types of activities with the help of Roles, User Management and lookup tables. The software generates professionally designed letters, forms, and reports to make a good impression on the customer. It provides Construction business companies all the necessary tools for complete Job Management.

The software provides a comprehensive database for all operations of a company and has more than hundred pre designed report formats for generating different types of reports. The software has built in security features including field level audit logging and business rules for maximum data security.

Minimum hardware requirements for the software are windows based PCs with 128 MB RAM. It is compatible with all versions of windows operating system (95, 98, 2000, ME, and XP), and provides full Microsoft database support such as Microsoft SQL server

Efficient and User Friendly Interface, Superb Technical Support

The Operations Centralizer© Suite is comprised of seamlessly integrated modules that cover the entire supply chain. Each of these product sets streamlines and automates distinct business processes and serves as a functional building block, allowing our customers to pick and choose based on their unique business requirements.  

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Job Site Scheduling (JSS)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Proposal Contract Management (PCM)

Ideal Solution for a Distributed Workforce as well as a Small Office or Single User

The application is an ideal solution for companies working with a dispersed workforce. Currently, most Small to mid-size companies are managing their core business processes through several independent applications from different vendors. As a result, valuable time, effort and money is spent on integrating these solutions. Despite these efforts, critical information such as invoicing and production and sales analysis cannot be sourced in a timely fashion.

Moreover, a mobile and geographically spread sales  and work force is typical in a medium size enterprise. As such, accounting, production and sales remain disintegrated. Quotes generated and orders booked through the sales force are sourced by the head office in batches and re-entered in the central accounting system to track invoices against orders.

Operations Centralizer allows you to have this information centralized and gives you a common platform to manage Sales, Purchases, Inventory and Production.

Open Database Allows Use Of Third Party Reporting Tools

A completely open database structure implies that you can view all data tables, generate custom reports using third party report writing tools (such as Crystal Reports), perform data backup operations directly through the database.

Almost No Initial Hardware and Software Setup Cost

The technologies used require minimal hardware resources and any standard configuration computer can be used to run Operations Centralizer which will deliver enterprise level application features. Further, the open source technologies ensure the lowest possible investment layout for software purchase.
This means you can now allocate higher financial resources for core business needs such as training and process re-engineering and enjoy higher returns on investment.

Anytime Anywhere Reporting

A browser interface and Smart Client interface provided thru Click-Once Deployment implies that you can simply use the IP address to view reports anywhere as long as you have internet access, without spending any money on dedicated lease lines or data centers. Moreover, this application architecture enables you to maintain centralized accounting for geographically spread office locations.

High Level of Features Enabling Business Process Outsourcing

By far the greatest advantage of a smart client application is the ability to maintain accounts in a distributed (geographically spread) environment. Leveraging on this unique ability, we have built into the application the ability for you to store your accounting and data entry needs to different Data providers. You can appoint different data providers to maintain your accounts or have users specified within these providers with different sets of rights. If you have a group of companies, you can appoint a different Data Provider for each company.

Service Element

We believe that every business is unique. Systems and processes differ across companies in the same vertical segment. Until now, the privilege of customized solutions has been the domain of large corporations with deep pockets and dedicated IT manpower. However, we promise our customers a high level of customization at a reasonable cost. Whether it is order processing / execution, customized contract inputs or specific reporting requirements, we will tailor a solution and integrate it with our product for a best fit.

A Partial List of Features

  • Customer Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Contactor Management
  • Multi-Organization Cost Tracking
  • Proposal Management
  • Job Site Scheduling
  • Job Cost Tracking
    • Job Labor Costs
    • Job Vendor Costs
    • Job Contractor Costs
  • Overhead Tracking
    • By Organization
    • By All Organizations
  • Job Management
    • Job Lifecycle Tracking from Proposal thru Job Completion
    • Proposals
    • Contracts
    • Job Work Sheets
    • Add Orders
    • Material Checklist
    • Specification Costing
    • Auto fill Job Costing
    • Payment Schedule
    • Payment Receipts
    • Real time Cost Analysis
    • Job Schedule Access
  • Lead Tracking
  • Job Scheduling
    • Drag and Drop Scheduling
    • On Site Resource Scheduling
    • Conflict Notifications
    • Contractor Scheduling
    • Payment Scheduling
    • Resource Vacation Scheduler
    • Day,week Month, Period Printouts
    • Job Schedule Printout
    • On-line Historic Schhedule Retrieval
    • Template driven Job Scheduler - preFills schedule based on historic performance
  • Overhead
    • Batch Expense Entry
    • Overhead Category Expense Categories
    • Labor Costs
    • Vendor Costs
    • Payment Tracking
  • Proposal Printing with Org Logo
  • Contract Printing with Org Logo
  • Management
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Open Proposals
  • Job Cost Analysis
  • Job Labor
  • Invoice List
  • Account List
  • Sales Rep List
  • Sale Territory List
  • Sales by Territory
  • Sales Comparisons
    • By Account Period over period
    • By Territory Period over period
    • By Salesperson Period over period
  • Production Reports
    • Materials Checklist
    • Job Schedule
    • Specifications List
    • Payments Due
  • Overhead
    • Category List
    • Activity Overview
    • Income Overview
    • Vendors Overview
    • Company Overview
    • Labor Overview
    • Overhead Overview
    • Overhead Expense List
  • Period Sales
  • Design Fees for Period
  • Employee List
  • Categories
  • Check List
  • Specifications
  • Area List
  • Calendar
    • Day View
    • Week View
    • Month View
    • Work Week View