Benefits of custom application software

Custom application software (CAS) is encouraged to take under one hat the most progressive technologies alone with preferences and expectations of the customer. Custom application software may be designed in stage by stage processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden dangers to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the specifications.

Custom software consists of custom software applications that are built by a software development staff and that are used within the enterprise. It is therefore well-suited for those projects that have truly unique functional or non-functional requirements for software, and for those enterprises that have a strong and well-financed software development organization that has proven its ability to consistently produce software that fulfills the enterprise’s unique software requirements.

When a customer purchases software, he might face the fact that there are some certain problems with installing the software and adopting it to that customer's needs and purposes. When packaged, off the shelf software does not provide the business value needed, customers turn to custom application software applications.


If a customer wants to believe that their flavor is unique and putting their ideas into practice, custom software development technologies are custom approaches to solving their problems. Finding new creative decisions in order to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the customer as quickly as possible may be achieved with custom software development. Software Development Companies Worldwide provide custom programming and software engineering services. Most of the companies have a wide experience in custom database programming, distributed website and web application development, etc. However, the availability of low-cost, offshore development resources, which is being used increasingly by many businesses, especially in financial services and in high-tech, has recently reversed this trend. Underlying potential problems, risks and unavoidable costs may occur regarding custom software development.

The proposed method and system allows the overall software development process to be less laborious and time-consuming and thus more efficient to implement, and can help prevent confidential business documents and data files that are embedded in the custom-developed software package from unauthorized access and tampering.

One drawback to conventional way of producing custom-developed software packages is that in order to meet the different requirements from different customers, it is usually needed to spend much labor and time on code modifications to pre-built programs, which makes the development process quite laborious and time-consuming and thus quite inefficient. Moreover, most custom-developed software packages are embedded with confidential business documents and data files, but conventional custom-developed software development procedures would easily allow unauthorized access and tampering to these confidential files since they are exposed to too many people during the development process.

It is therefore an objective of our unique system to provide a modularized custom-developed software package producing method and system that allows the development and modification of a custom-developed software package to be less laborious and time-consuming and more efficient to implement. The custom user-input interface module that allows software development personnel to choose a set of custom-options that specify a set of required module objects from the core functional module objects , the custom-made functional module objects, the document file objects, the data file objects, and the custom-made interface objects are intended to be integrated to the custom-developed software package.

Investment in internal software will continue to shrink as development needs of IT buying enterprises narrow to the creation of specific functions not available in commercial software or to extensions and adaptations, but investment in internally built software by IT vendors will grow as the market shifts to commercial software.


A goal of custom software solutions may be to develop not for the mass auditorium (users), but rather developed to be unique, for a single customer (user) or a group. GudAnuf’s Solutions are based on custom-developed software as well as some commercially available tools. They focus on delivering business value and achieving solid ROI through our solutions.

Some solutions extend the functionality of your in-house or legacy solutions. The intellectual property community is learning what more mature industries have known for some time a special-purpose software house, such as GudAnuf, can customize existing applications and maintain the solution for significantly less cost than 'homegrown' solutions developed in-house.


For these reasons, custom developed software is, in many cases, the better means by which to operate your business. GudAnuf, applies proactive maintenance approach together with optimization and problem resolution techniques to ensure that your custom application software performs the way they were designed to and that you get the maximum performance benefit. For these reasons, custom application software is, in many cases, the better means by which to operate your business.

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