Corporate Services

Our services are geared toward delivering comprehensive, cohesive information systems to manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing companies.  Examples of GudAnuf's' services are listed below. 

Business Applications

We focus on the business systems common to manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing companies.  Some examples are listed below: 

Work Flow
Supply Chain
Complex Pricing
Data Warehousing
Product Configuration
Production Scheduling
Inventory Control
Order Management
Financial Applications
Warranty Management

Web and Internet

GudAnuf's' expertise in web application development gives our clients the option to extend their information systems to both internal and external groups.  Some examples of our web services are listed below:

Site Development
Content Management
Customer Portals
Intranet Development


GudAnuf's helps design, secure, and build a solid infrastructure.  By establishing a solid foundation, GudAnuf's is able to implement products, build custom applications, and integrate these into one cohesive system.  Some examples of our infrastructure services are below:

Network Design
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Windows 2008/2003/2000/NT

Development Tools

GudAnuf's has a powerful set of tools available that enable us to deliver our solutions.  Here are the primary tools utilized by GudAnuf's:

Microsoft C#.Net
Microsoft VBScript
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Commerce Server
Microsoft Visual Basic/.Net
Microsoft Active Server Pages

Macromedia Flash
Microsoft Sharepoint

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