CORE© Application Framework

The CORE© Application Framework serves as the Base Starting point for all CORE© Modules and Applications created by GudAnuf.

For an application to sustain it's value and place it must be able to adapt to changing business needs.  It must be able to "Scale Up" as more and more users run the application AND it must not slow down as more and more data is added.

By using what has come to be known as Best Practises and making extensive use of Pattern Oriented Design Methods our modules fill all the above requirements.

Robust Applications that subscribe to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles are divided into Tiers or Layers of Responsibilities.  Standard Tiers include the Data, Business and Presentation Tiers.

Each of these Tiers are responsible to do what they do best , the Data Tier's job is to access data and prepare it for the Business tier. The Business Tier will take that data and prepare it for the Presentation Tier.  The Presentation Tier will then further refine the data and display it in the desired format.

Even though each of these are different responsibilities certain tasks, at the programming level are in all.  Object State, whether it is has changed, Is Valid and Savable are some examples. Sorted Lists and Fitered Lists, Saving and Deleting are all examples of repeated requirements.

The CORE© Application Framework handles these repeative coding tasks by providing the programmer with these base features in an easy to understand format. These features are available to those who implement the CORE© Application Framework using the language of their choice with no special Syntax.

Using these CORE© Components GudAnuf has defined and makes available Modules that are ROBUST feature rich Business Objects that are used to access and Display Data quickly and accurately in an easy to read consistent format.

These CORE© Modules are further grouped together as CORE© Business Modules which include one or more modules to answer a particular business requirement. The Manufacturing Manager© Suite and Operations Centralizer© are two examples of how our CORE© Modules fit together to form a Cohesive Business Application tailored to each individual's needs.