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Our vision is to constantly delight our clients by closely working with them to draw up new business strategies to scale up their business, cut costs, improve profitability and have good control.

GudAnuf, Inc. is a full service custom software provider.

We are dedicated to bringing affordable software solutions to address today’s business needs while preparing for the future’s requirements and growth. 

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We offer customized scalable Business Applications at the price of quality off the shelf solutions.

We do this by having a library of solid field tested CORE© Application Framework built upon our CORE© Modules .

These full featured Business Modules are designed as cohesive loosely coupled Business Entities. This allows us to quickly put together the CORE© functionality needed allowing the Software Architects and developers more time to work on the unique issued that originally started the quest for a software solution.

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Professional .Net Programming

Building a new website or re-designing an existing site? We can help maximize your online success!

You probably happened upon my website because you need to hire a freelance computer programmer. I am a .NET developer who builds clean, organized, functional, and search engine optimized websites and applications from scratch or from a template.

The Internet is exploding. There are estimates of 2 billion websites on the Internet and growing. How will your website stand out?

Make Your Website Stand Out

The three most important aspects of a website are a clean and organized website, a functional website, and a website that is optimized for the search engines (SEO).

The most important aspect of a website is it's functionality. The way data is displayed must be easy to understand. If user input is required, the input form must be intuitive and make sense. Catching errors before they make it to your website is imperative.

The Second most important aspect of a website is a clean and organized layout. One that provides the visitor with a sense of what the website is about and how to find the information they came for.

Increased traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes Third, only because it does no good to be at the top of the search engine results, if no one stays on your website.

How it's Done

I use .NET, MSSQL, HTML, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, the JavaScript programming language, and AJAX as needed to create state of the art interactive websites and browser based applications.

If you don't know what .NET is or any of the other technologies I mentioned, that's OK. I bet I would struggle to do what you do. I'm a computer programmer, mainly a freelance .NET programmer. You do not need to know what I know! One of the things I do best is help others do what they do best. I'm a people person and a programmer rolled into one.

Meeting Your Needs

I have an edge over my peers. I have a good understanding of the Internet and what it takes to have a successful website. I design clean and functional websites and optimize them for the search engines. If having a clean and organized website, a functional website, a website that is optimized for the search engines is important to you, then please complete our Contact Form and we can talk about how I can assist you with your goals.

Why Hire GudAnuf

Some programmers try to guess what you want in a site. Sure, they understand how to lay out a website. But there is more to a website than simply its basic design.

Goals? I want to understand your needs, your goals, and objectives for your website. This will help me build a site for you that is clean, organized and functional for your visitors - and most importantly, is successful for you. I also understand search engine optimization and how to succeed with the search engines. Very few programmers understand SEO. I use these valuable SEO principles in my own business and can help you put them to use in your business.

Please complete my Contact Form so we can discuss how to best optimize your website to reach your goals and maximize your success.

Why GudAnuf?????

We Focus on understanding the issues and technologies germane to product-centric companies. By balancing client needs, budget and vision, GudAnuf creates valuable, cost-effective and cohesive technology solutions that can span business units within an organization. GudAnuf solutions become a solid foundation for IT systems across the enterprise.

At GudAnuf, we base our reputation for success and customer satisfaction on our consultative approach. Through this approach, we help our clients achieve maximum value for their investments through better understanding of their requirements and implement software, technologies, disciplines and process that quickly place their business on the fast track.

Manufacturing Manager© - "THE ERP" for Apparel Business

GudAnuf, Inc is one of the leading software companies providing integated Business Software for the apparel industry. Since 1980 , GudAnuf has helped leading organisations in the apparel industry to implement management solutions that streamline production planning, activity and resource tracking, cost management and information analysis across the organization.

Contracting and Renovations Software - "The Operations Centralizer© and Production Scheduler"

GudAnuf, Inc branched out to the Construction and Home Contracting business at the start of the 21st century. Bringing the same expertise for Integrating operations and Business Software and Processes along with the CORE© Application Framework   Operations Centralizer© has been garnering rave reviews among those who have used and/or interfaced with it.

Manufacturing Manager© has evolved as the Best ERP Software for the Apparel Industry.

The Manufacturing Manager Suite is comprised of seamlessly integrated modules that cover the entire supply chain. Each of these product sets streamlines and automates distinct business processes and serves as a functional building block, allowing our customers to pick and choose based on their unique business requirements.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Web Interface